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HiNot even close pledge or not! I know it’s not the first time someone has proven or that someone has crticized your arrogant, carnival style, canned scripts. But I don’t think anyone had to this degree so CAN it be the last and final one?


Now I won’t totally ID the VICTIM here because he is a bit embarrassed that he missed the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Behavior: Called Comcast/Xfinity

Insanity: Did so over 10 times in 7 days and still does not have the service that was paid for in advance.

I think he might have been better off calling the Mafia. At least they can be reasonable. Well so I saw in a movie once.

I think Comcast/Xfinity is a good company on a business scale. Sharp players at the top. They just are not passing it down the line.

I normally like to focus on the real thing not the failure. But I think this failure is worth looking at. I believe that this is NBC UNIVERSAL MEDIA LLC’s, Comcast/XFINITY’s and ultimately Brian Roberts’ weakest link. The training, and the supervision of customer service is non existent. The results are evident.

Big words Mark, sounds good. No I can prove it! I believe if Brian Roberts would call me. I think he would see we could solve his problem in less than a year and have a 95% favorable rating within 2 years, while he keeps track of the increase in revenue.

Here is the story, sorry I took a Trump turn. I was about to make Comcast Great Again, but I caught myself.

Customer I will call “Vic” his middle name is “Tim”, we will call him “Vic”.

Vic and his wife decided to get the internet for the home. They had not really needed it till they decided to start a small home based business.

While Vic was online they decided to go ahead and add some TV to the package.

WAIT! I was right, see Marketing is working, but you lose that momentum when Customer SERVICE is not there. And it’s not!

They agree to self Install, and pre-pay they give their debit card for automatic withdrawal payments.

2 days later Comcast calls and says not to install because they have to do some work outside of the house first. “Nothing to worry about”. In a “Don’t worry your pretty little head” tone.

2 days or so later Vic gets his self Install kit. 2 days or so later Vic calls Comcast to see if he can install yet and they assure him he can.

A bit puzzled that no one called to tell him that he was clear to install, he began installing.

Installing is easy, when it works. But Vic was not so lucky. He called and Comcast assured him he was valuable and his satisfaction was most important. But we will have to have a tech call you.

2 days later he tried again to no avail. So he calls the number on the Gateway APP. A computer tells him she (female voice) will fix it. She even texted Vic in 10 minutes to see if she had success or failure. He tells her “FAILURE”. So she had a human call.

They have Vic try unplugging and replugging which being a Comcast robot he does for 3 more days. They schedule a tech to come out who no shows. He calls again goes through the computer nofix to get to the human. Who does the samething they did all the times before saying the same damn lines as before. And Vic is about to be a rebellious robot. They decide to send someone out to check the pole but kept trying to get Vic to pay $60.00 for it. Vic can be a robot but he isn’t stupid or rich.

They put him off 3 days for a tech who didn’t show. So Vic called and cancelled. They asked for another chance, he was promised someone would be out yet that day and it was a pole issue. They gave Vic a one time $25.00 credit and today Vic, sure he was safe went to install. Same thing again calls number she wants to nofix again and human wants $60.00. So Vic tries to cancel. Here you go. This was all Vic could get because Comcast’s transcript button doesn’t work. No surprise right? In fact I don’t blame them but they should just remove it.

This was Vic’s last chat session he chatted with 5 people who assured him he was valuable and they could solve his problem by sending him to the $60.00 Jack Rabbits, anything but let him cancel. Constantly using canned scripts.

These conversations were all canned, copy and paste remarks.

Vic feels scammed, angry and I am not sure how much they could pay him to use Comcast/Infinity Service again. Everyone said and did the same things. They never looked at the problem they only looked at the teleprompter and that created a disaster. Where is the intelligent staff? Only at the top? Let intelligence flow down to your team.

Vic doesn’t understand how no one can solve a simple problem. Is it all for $60.00? If so they are stepping over dollars to get to dimes.

Vic has all he needs from a legal stand point and Comcast gave that to him. But why are we here again?

Today, Location, location has been replaced by reviews, reviews. It is time, past time for Comcast and all of us to remember the value of a happy customer and the cost of an unhappy one.

Mr. Roberts I will await your call. I am a customer in Speedway with lots of notes in his file that nobody reads, cause they are not on the teleprompter.

I can’t resist, please let me make Comcast/Infinity Great Again.

Mark Barmes